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Africa & South America

There is currently a wait list for Africa and South America. We are in the process of sourcing local server hosts and suppliers. This may take a while to finalise. You can register your interest here. Once we have sufficient response to this location, we will open it up on the Nomadic.Cloud network.

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What is it?

Nomadic.Cloud is roaming, international web hosting for digital nomads. Spin up PHP7 and other web applications on supercharged podlets and VPS around the globe. You can set up multiple international locations, based on your local content needs. Couple with a CDN for the fastest performance.

Who it's for

Digital nomads, location indepedent entrepreneurs, freelancers, start ups, artists, and creative travelers. Freelancers and digital agencies servicing multiple international clients. Those looking for work through microtasks will also find their skills in need.

How it works

Sign up. Choose a base location. Set up hosting local websites, apps and prototypes any time, and deploy them across any of our numerous international locations. Visit and interact with any location, and move sites around the world as you need. Concierge service to help with set up, design and development.

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Servers available


Servers available


Servers available


Servers available


Short wait list


Short wait list


Short wait list


and SOUTH AMERICA - Long wait list. Sourcing local servers and suppliers.

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